Biodiversity - Tennesse Warbler

  • Name: Tennesse Warbler

  • Scientific name: Vermivora peregrina

  • Category: Birds

  • Family: Parulidae

Migratory Status:  migrates from N. between Spetember and early April.

Size:  115 cm.

Weight:  8.5 grams.

Elevation:  up to 2,300 meters above sea level.


In the winter they prefer open areas of secondary growth, coffee plantations, gardens and is regularly found in the canopy and forest edges.

During migration they can be found almost anywhere.  They are social, generally forming small flocks that move thru well defined areas in the company of honeycreepers, and other wood warblers.

Searches avidly in foliage, inserting its beak in rolled leaves in search of insects and spiders. Visits many different species of flowers to drink the nectar (often defending individual territories during short periods), opens berries to drink the juice, eats many small berries, also the fruit of cecropia.  Comes to artifical bird feeders to eat bananas.

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How to get here???

How to get here???How to arrive in San Gerardo de Rivas, the community where the Hotel de Montaña el Pelicano is located...


Rose throated BecardFrequents the forest canopy, gallery and open areas of secondary growth; often seen in the area during the rainy season...
  • Name: Rose throated Becard

  • Scientific name: Pachyramphus aglaiae

  • Family: Incertae Sedis

  • Region: San Gerardo



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