Biodiversity - Collared Trogon

  • Name: Collared Trogon

  • Scientific name: Trogon collaris

  • Category: Birds

  • Family: Trogonidae

Status:  Common

SIze:  25 cm

Weight:  70 grams

Elevation:  up to 2,800 meters above sea level.


This is the most insectivoire of the Trogons.

Solitary or in pairs;  near and after reproduction can be found in small groups.

Also known as Bar tailed Trogon.

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Environmental tips

Recycle glass.  Did you know:  It takes one million years to decompse and is responsible for 20% of air contamination and 50% water contamination.






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Tropical KingbirdFrequents open areas of all kinds...
  • Name: Tropical Kingbird

  • Scientific name: Tyrannus melancholicus

  • Family: Tyrannidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



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