Social & Environmental

We have implement measures of control in the diverse operations of our hotel, achieving a higher quality of service for the tourist, while absorbing the impact on the environment and the community generated by our business.

Classifying our Trash


We work together with the Committee Bandera Azul of our community to assure proper waste treatment generated from our activities; the delivery of collected materials is given to Bandera Azul on the third Wednesday of each month. In addition we have a classification system for waste in each of our installations, made of recycled plastics. It works with six colors. Yellow - Aluminum; Green - Glass; Red - Plastic; Blue - Paper; Grey - Trash; Violet - Organic. In addition, in each room we deliver cardboard bags that help the guests in this process to reduce our impact on the environment and community.

We effectively treat our organic waste by using worms to transform it into organic compost. This compost is used in the gardens and green spaces of our hotel. In the worm composting area one can observe the diverse stages of this process, from decomposition to the final mature stage.

Forest Conservation


We protect nearly four hectares which we call the Bosque Oro Verde, or Gold Green Forest, where native species of flora and fauna live. Among the most outstanding, based on their great size are the Tirra trees (Ulmus mexicana). In addition we also protect the vine known as cucharilla which has been used traditionally for the weaving of baskets and now in danger of extinction. Apart from this we have a reforestation program called Adopt a Tree and we are actively helping to enlarge the forest, thus reflecting our commitment to conservation. 

Organic Agriculture


In the Hotel de Montana el Pelicano we have a greenhouse that provides the basic organic products which we serve in our restaurant. This guarantees fresh organic produce for our clients; among these vegetables are lettuces, cilantro, celery, tomillo, and green onions.

Biodegradable Products


We have acquired cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, with the intention of minimizing the negative impacts on our surroundings. We promote the use of these products in the households of our staff and we have informed the suppliers of our environmental commitment. In addition we purchase in bulk in an effort to avoid unnecessary packaging.

Saving Energy, water and others


In an effort to instill practices in favor of our environment, we promote measures for saving electricity and water among both our staff and our guests. In addition we rely on a variety of energy saving devices including counter ballasts in the tanks of our toilets, and intelligent lighting. We also make use of natural lighting by means of skylights and more than 80% of our lighting is low consumption, energy saving.

Chamber of Rural Community Tourism Chirripó

We are affiliated with CATURCOCHI (Camara de Turismo Rural Comunitario Chirripó). We have actively participated in the founding and formation of this Chamber of Tourism which aims to promote the sustainable development of rural tourism in behalf of the communities neighboring Chirripó National Park. We aim to diversify the offer of tourism already existing in the area.

Local Art Expositions


In the installations of our hotel there is a permanent exposition of wood sculptures, which illustrates local talent and creativity. In the near future we will be opening a small museum that will provide a venue for the exposition of local art. We will also include a small gift shop with souvenirs elaborated by local artist.

Community Development


100% of our staff comes from communities in the neighborhood of our hotel. Our operation has indirectly created employment possibilities that complement our services. We support community development projects, actively promote attractions in our community, and sponsor local sports, schools and recreational activities.

Tourist Involvement


We rely on mechanisms outlined in our plans of sustainability to involve our clients. It is reassuring for us to know that they will apply these eco-friendly methods in our establishment and that they can continue to practice these habits in their own homes and daily life.

Supporting the Committee of Bandera Azul (Blue Flag, a national conservation program)


We believe in and support the Bandera Azul program which aims to improve the quality of life of the local population. The Hotel de Montana el Pelicano has assumed the responsibility of unconditional support for both the Committee of Community Bandera Azul and the Committee of the School of San Gerardo Bandera Azul. It is important to point out that our community has received for 7 consecutive years this award and currently we have a level of two stars. The school in San Gerardo has attained three stars. This year our hotel is participating in this program in the category of "Actions to Confront Climate Change", 4 star.


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Environmental tips

Did you know that the majority of aerosol products contain CFC (Cloroflorocarbons); a chemical that produces a grave threat to the ozone cap, causing accelerated global warming and a disequalibrium in natural cycles.

Be responsible and do not use these aerosol products.





Local Attractions

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  • Scientific name: Zingiber spectabile

  • Family: Zingiberaceae

  • Region: San Gerardo



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