Code of Conduct Program


We at the Hotel de Montana El Pelicano have zero tolerance for

 the sexual and commercial exploitation of boys and girls and adolescents

in any touristic activities.


Thus, any act of this nature in our installations is prohibited

and will be reported to the authorities.

We invite other businesses to join in this initiative

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Chirripó Bird watching Package

Chirripó Bird watching Package

Observation of birds of the area...




The cloud forests of Costa Rica have a unique nature that we can learn about.


Discover Pelicano Hotel & San Gerardo

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Environmental tips

In the Kitchen:

Use appropriate size pots and pans for your heating elements.

Whenever possible use a lid to retain heat.

Whenever possible use a pressure cooker, a slow electric cooker and electric coffee makers; these devices help to diminsh energy consumption.

Do not put hot or warm dishes into your refrigerator; in addition your refrigerator should be at least 5 cm from walls and never place a refigerator near a heat source such as an oven or stove.

Always try to purchase energy efficient appliances which are environmentally friendly.





Community Activities

Community ActivitiesIn the area bordering Chirripó National Park there are 4 communities that celebrate and conserve local traditions...


Blue-crowned MotmotA colorful bird with attractive feathers; very soial, with a strong serrated beak, curved slightly downwards...
  • Name: Blue-crowned Motmot

  • Scientific name: Momotus momota

  • Family: MOMOTIDAE

  • Region: San Gerardo



Santos Rodrìguez A

Coronado, San Josè, CR Estupenda informaciòn. La verdad me llena de orgullo haber sido residente durante algunos años de esa zona. Mis respectos y admiraciòn para Uds. y todos los empeñosos habitantes de esa maravilla de la naturaleza.
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