Local Attractions

In our region not only Chirripó National Park is to be found, but there also exist various activities at the base of the mountain that compliment your experience and enhance your vacation.

Hot Springs Gevi

Hot Springs GeviRelax in natural hot springs found in the mountains bordering Chirripó National Park...

My Art

My ArtIn the region there are various artist who express thru their works the beauty of Chirripó and picturesque rural landscapes...

Alternative Energy

Alternative EnergyMeet a family who pracitces efficent use of resources and energy...

Canaán Swiss Cheese

Canaán Swiss CheeseWitness the artisan production of Swiss cheeses of the Mata Hernadez family...

The Secret Gardens

The Secret GardensLearn more about the tropical flora of Costa Rica...

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Overnight hotel package  - Chirripo Costa Rica

Overnight hotel package - Chirripo Costa Rica

One night of lodging in the "Mirador" or "Tirra" cabin...


Chirripó Bird watching Package

Chirripó Bird watching Package

Observation of birds of the area...


Hotel El Pelicano en las faldas del cerro Chirripó

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Environmental tips

Did you know that the majority of aerosol products contain CFC (Cloroflorocarbons); a chemical that produces a grave threat to the ozone cap, causing accelerated global warming and a disequalibrium in natural cycles.

Be responsible and do not use these aerosol products.





Socio - Ambiente

Socio - AmbienteEn la zona baja del cerro Chirripo y en nuestro pais existen algunos proyectos de mejora socioambiental que reseñamos....


Plain WrenWith this species of Wren there are two populations, with differences in color and size, but both have a white superciliary...
  • Name: Plain Wren

  • Scientific name: Thryothorus modestus

  • Family: Troglodytidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



Estefany Elizondo

San Gerardo Es un Lugar hermoso
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