From this September 16th  to October 31, 2015 , our restaurant service will be offered only through prior reservation.

You can contact us by phone 27425050 or through our email address info@hotelpelicano.net .





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Chirripó Bird watching Package

Chirripó Bird watching Package

Observation of birds of the area...


Overnight hotel package  - Chirripo Costa Rica

Overnight hotel package - Chirripo Costa Rica

One night of lodging in the "Mirador" or "Tirra" cabin...


Una escapadita a los regazos del cerro Chirripó

Exchange rate



Environmental tips

Did you know that the majority of aerosol products contain CFC (Cloroflorocarbons); a chemical that produces a grave threat to the ozone cap, causing accelerated global warming and a disequalibrium in natural cycles.

Be responsible and do not use these aerosol products.





Chirripó National Park

This is an extraordinary attraction not only within the country, but in all of Central America


Orange billed Nightingale ThrushFrequents areas of secondary growth, forest edges, understory and coffee plantations...
  • Name: Orange billed Nightingale Thrush

  • Scientific name: Catharus aurantiirostris

  • Family: Turdidae

  • Region: San Gerardo



Ricardo Monge - Laura Seas

Turri Excelente rolo segui adelante....BUEN TRABAJO
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