Biodiversity - Elm

  • Name: Elm

  • Scientific name: Ulmus mexicana

  • Category: Trees and Plants

  • Family: Elm Family


This species looses its leaves in summer and when the new leaves sprout it has an intense shade of lime green.  The wood is hard.  In the forests around the hotel you can see hundred year old trees that are over 35 meters tall that have impressive trunks and large buttress roots.

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Overnight hotel package  - Chirripo Costa Rica

Overnight hotel package - Chirripo Costa Rica

One night of lodging in the "Mirador" or "Tirra" cabin...


Chirripó Bird watching Package

Chirripó Bird watching Package

Observation of birds of the area...


Hotel El Pelicano en las faldas del cerro Chirripó

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Environmental tips

Recycle glass.  Did you know:  It takes one million years to decompse and is responsible for 20% of air contamination and 50% water contamination.





Others National Parks

Others National Parks


Spotted Wood QuailThey are timid and move about carefully. At the sign of danger they freeze or flee running...
  • Name: Spotted Wood Quail

  • Scientific name: Odontophorus guttatus

  • Family: Odontophoridae

  • Region: San Gerardo



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